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How to set up and disassemble the tent Bullfinch

How to set up and disassemble the winter tent "Bullfinch"

We make one or two angler tents, one layer and insulated, marked "У”. This manual is good for all "Bullfinch" tents.

1. Take the tent out of the bag and lay it out in the shape of a square.

2. Approach the square from the side that provides the easiest access to the loop on the side of the tent and start spreading the tent sides by pulling the loops. Its easier to follow these steps:

a. Pull up one of the sides

b.Pop up the roof of the tent (it is red)

c. Proceed clockwise from the unfolded side (do not start unfolding the side opposite the one you just unfolded)

d. Open the outer skirtof the tent and fill it with snow as base weight and to prevent wind under the floor.

e. If necessary install straps into the side loops of the tent

Your tent is set up.

Three-layered polyester insulated tent (thermalquilt stitching)

It’s a roomy tent (the height of the person in the video is 178 cm or 5’ 10”) equipped with two adjustable windows. The tent is made of light colored material which reflects light and does not need big windows. Adjustable windows allow you to regulate ventilation inside. Protective visor mini awning over the windows keeps precipitation from getting inside. Two person tents have two doors.

Before folding the tent check that the zip-up entrance is completely zipped up.

Start folding the tent in the reverse order to that of the setting up starting from any side:

1. Step on the outer skirtand press on the three sides, one after the other

2. When the upper part of the tent is conveniently lowered press on it

3 Press the center of the last side

4 Fold the square in half

5. Gather the poles together

6. Put it away in the bag

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